To help people having a traffic accident carry out all necessary formalities quickly and find the best way out of the situation.
To simplify as much as possible in a motor accident report filing and organize a prompt compensation assessment for the accident participants.
Since July 1, 2015 drivers can document most of minor traffic accidents by using Europrotocol without involvement of traffic police and any frustrating experience. That can be done in just 15 minutes directly through the mobile application for iOS and Android. Using only one smartphone application, a participant of the accident can contact the call center and receive necessary instructions, take pictures showing the accident details and send them to an operator. That is sufficient to receive the operator’s on-line confirmation of damage compensation as well as a fully completed Europrotocol document.
The call center operator, in his or her turn, has a user-friendly web interface which provides whatever is required for each step in the motor accident report filing, verification of received documents, generating of the completed Europrotocol document and assessment of damage.
Swift, CoreData, Cocoapods, Fastlane
Java SE, Material Design, ORMLite, Kotlin, RxJava
php, Codeigniter, Html5/css3
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