Alfa Agent

To aid Alfa Insurance agents in issuing insurance policies
To automatize transmission of policies and payment transactions to the company head office
Alfa Agent is an unified ecosystem which includes mobile applications for iOS and Android and a web control panel. Alfa Agent ensures transparency and safety for all insurance process participants, from a person buying the insurance policy to the top management of an insurance company. Our solution enables to considerably optimize the insurance service rendering by helping employees avoid excessive paperwork, while it also helps the client save time one spends on waiting.
Alfa Agent aids to the Alfa Insurance agents to simplify the procedure of the insurance policies execution, automatize and accelerate transmission of the policies and payment transactions to the company head office. The company’s clients obtain the guarantee of the policy authenticity as the agents pass a preliminary verification when registering in the application, plus the app supports additional text messages when the service is rendered. The head office has an Alfa Agents management control panel available 24/7. Its functionality include controllability and capability of monitoring of current events with a detailed elaboration of specific agents and payments.
Swift, CoreData, Cocoapods, Fastlane
Java SE, Material Design, ORMLite, Kotlin, RxJava
php, Codeigniter, Html5/css3
Project Manager, Business Analyst, 2 iOS Developers, Android Developer, 2 Full Stack Developers (web, API), QA Engineer
4 months