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Currently we have two offices. The head office is situated in Moscow. It is the residence of the company management and several developers. The second office is located in Yaroslavl, it is occupied by the development & testing team.
We aim for extension and plan to open our branch offices in other cities engaging talented developers from various universities and colleges who are full of novel ideas and views of development.
If you have an interesting project, contact us, and we will help you carry it out!
Most of good programmers do their work not because they expect payment or recognition, but because they enjoy programming.
© Linus Torvalds
Creator of Linyx

Contact Us

Head Office

bldg. 28, 13 Sarinsky passage, Moscow (m. Proletarskaya) +7 (499) 649-83-93

Development Office

75 October Avenue, Yaroslavl +7 (499) 649-83-93