About Us

We are a professional development team. We love to deal with big, complex and interesting challenges and enjoy working on projects that only have a basic set of business and functional requirements rather than clearly defined specifications.
Our developers follow the agile methodology. In the development process, we use the following set of Atlassian tools:

  •    • Jira – a task assignment and time consumption tracking system
  •    • Confluence – a technical documentation maintenance system
  •    • Bitbucket – a Git repository for code version control
  •    • Bamboo – a continuous integration system
  •    • Zephyr – a system to write and perform test cases
If you have an upcoming complex project that you cannot define yet or, quite the opposite, you have a clear understanding of what you would like to achieve in the end, we will help you obtain that particular result you are looking for!
Technical skill is mastery of complexity while creativity is mastery of simplicity.
© Christopher Zeeman


Yuriy Chaynikov

Chief Executive Officer

Alexey Sokolov

Chief Technical Officer

Galina Melnichenko

Chief Financial Officer

Alexey Koshkidko

Project Management Officer

Olga Frolova


Lydia Filatova

HR manager

Denis Shcherbatykh

Project Manager

Sergey Chernoudov

Lead Java Developer

Aleksandr Krylov

Lead PHP Developer

Ivan Timofeev

Lead Data Scientist

Andrey Ragimov

Lead Data Scientist

Anton Chaynikov

Senior Data Scientist

Sukhachev Paul

Senior Data Scientist

Nikita Buzanov

Data Scientist

Sergey Smirnov

Senior JAVA developer

Maxim Bushin

Java Developer

Katerina Ljubimova

QA Engineer

Alexey Mirotin

QA Engineer

Kirill Teleshev

PHP Developer

Vitaly Zacharias

Data-Science Developer

Artem Kuznecov

IOS Developer

Nikita Sharonov

Android Developer

Contact Us

Head Office

bldg. 28, 13 Sarinsky passage, Moscow (m. Proletarskaya) +7 (499) 649-83-93 info@indatalab.ru

Development Office

75 October Avenue, Yaroslavl +7 (499) 649-83-93 info@indatalab.ru