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Alfa Agent

Mobile application that ensures effective interaction between insurance agents, clients, and insurance companies.
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Mobile application that simplifies motor accident report filing, no traffic police involvement needed.
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Our know-hows
  • Neural Networks and Machine Learning
    Neural network and machine learning-based software development. Processing big data for information analytics purposes.
  • Mobile
    Mobile app development for business. Client-server architecture. Integration with payment gateways and banking APIs. Implementation of SMS and push notifications
  • Web Applications and Sites
    Website and web app development for business. Integration with in-house CRM systems, financial reporting, and mobile applications. Implementation of API services.
  • Desktop
    Client-server solutions for business (Mac, Win). CRM system development. Integration with web services, mobile applications, and corporate CRM, ERP solutions.

Our clients
Customer reviews
I. E. Torgov

General Director of ATOL
Machine learning

Python Scikit-learn Gensim NLTK Docker Microsoft SQL Server
OOO "ATOL" expresses gratitude to the team of "Indatalab" for the conduct of scientific research and development of software using methods and machine learning models. The team perfectly coped with the tasks, offering a number of interesting solutions in the course of experiments, as well as showing a systematic approach to SOFTWARE development.

Separately, we want to note the high technical expertise of employees and focus on Agile approaches to development, which allowed flexible management of requirements and achieve the desired results in a short time.

We are sure of long-term benefits of our future relationship and hope for continued mutually beneficial cooperation with Indatalab Co Ltd.
V. N. Treshchikov

T8 Sensor
General Director
Machine learning
Fiber optic microphone

Python Scikit-learn Gensim NLTK Docker Microsoft SQL Server
000 "T8 Sensor" expresses gratitude to company "Indaclub" for development software based on neural network algorithms for product improvement companies.

As a result of cooperation, new promising approaches to solving problems have been developed object classification, increased employee competence 000 " T8 Sensor» in the field of machine learning.

I want to note the high qualification of employees of the company "Ingatlan" in the field machine learning technologies, neural networks in particular, professional system engineering approach to project management, flexibility in management, initiative and the involvement of all members of the team involved in the project.

We wish the company "Indaclub" further development of ambitious projects and success in the field of development and implementation of artificial intelligence technologies.
Dmitry Pavlyuchenkov

Deputy Director of Strategy & Marketing

Partner search service for participation in start-up projects
PHP 1C-Bitrix MySQL
Thanks to Indatalab company, we have achieved a highly proficient solution of the task on development of our service based on 1C Bitrix platform. We have evaluated excellent project management, high-quality code and communications and have remained entirely satisfied with the result.

Indatalab is the highly professional team. Its members solve all problems quickly, expertly and professionally. This is the team which understands customer needs very well and is able to concentrate on stated objectives separating the husk from the grain. I thank Indatalab very much for its qualitative work.
Maxim Schteigerwald

Deputy Director of Investments
Web project
IIDF monitoring

IIDF portfolio projects reporting system
This is to confirm the successful experience of IIDF cooperation with Indatalab Co Ltd. that performed application keeping database refactoring by our order for the purpose of the IIDF investment activity maintenance system operation.

High competence of the team of the specialists along with the use of reputable approaches as well as novel nonstandard ideas, plus prompt response to our considerations and early bug fixing enabled Indatalab Co Ltd. to execute all works accurately on schedule and pursue all our wishes and preferences fully and completely.
Dmitry Kalaev

Director of IIDF Acceleration & Educational Programs
Web project
IIDF Accelerator

System for start-up application submission and assessment
Java SE PostgreSQL Hibernate Spring
We are thankful to Indatalab Co Ltd. for the effective cooperation in renovating and establishing the operations of the system for application submission геg.iidf.ru of IIDF Accelerator.

The team of developers has provided stable operation of the portal.

We are sure of long-term benefits of our future relationship and hope for continued mutually beneficial cooperation with Indatalab Co Ltd.